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Wellness Villa Brisa

746-20 Uenomiyaguni, Miyakojima-city, Okinawa 906-0203
Tel: +81-980-76-3870

Wellness Villa Brisa, which overlooks a world-famous coral reef, is the perfect place to find your tropical home away from home.

With kitchen facilities and ample storage in every room, you'll be able to head down to the local supermarket to pick up fresh ingredients for homemade meals that add a comfortable, familiar dimension to your stay in paradise.
If you‘re in the mood to leave the cooking to a professional chef, though, you’re always just a short trip away from any of the resort‘s delicious restaurants.
  • Guest Rooms
  • Dining
  • Hot Spring Bath &
    Other Facilities
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  • Wellness Villa Brisa

    Wellness Villa Brisa offers Japanese-style and Western-style rooms in four different room types.

    - Please note that guests cannot specify a certain
     view when choosing a room.
    - Smoking is permitted in all rooms.
    - Linens and amenities are on sale at the front
    - The hotel features a fully-equipped coin-operated

    6,480 ~ 30,780 yen per person and night, including dinner & breakfast

    * Japanese-style room with private hot spring bath  
    * Large Japanese-style room (4 or more guests)  
    * Western-style room with private hot spring bath  
    * Western-style triple room
    * Non-Smoking room  
    * Single guest room
    * Children under 12 Years allowed
  • Wellness Villa Brisa

    The resort’s wide array of restaurants offers dining experiences for every guests, every occasion, and every mood: Okinawan cuisine (open-air “izakaya” dining area), Sushi, Miyako beef & Okinawan agu pork, Chinese and Italian.

    * [Dinner and Breakfast] plan available
    * [Breakfast Only] plan available
    * [No Meal] plan available
    * [Special Meal] request (e.g. No pork)
    * [Vegetarian Meals] available
    * [Western-style] breakfast available
    * Dinner served in guest room
    * Breakfast served in guest room
  • Wellness Villa Brisa

    The hotel guests have access to all the services and facilities that the resort offers: Hot springs (Shigira Ougon Onsen), golf outings, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, eco tours, field activities, restaurant reservations.

    * Shared Outdoor Hot Spring Bath (Same Gender Only)
    * Mixed Outdoor Hot Spring Bath (Both Genders)
    * Shared Indoor Hot Spring Bath (Same Gender Only)
    * Private Hot Spring Bath in Guest Room
    * "Family Bath" (Privately Reserved Hot Spring Bath)
    * Gym and fitness facilities
    * Swimming pool
  • Wellness Villa Brisa

    * English Ability of the Ryokan Staff/Owners
    * Internet Connection
    * Parking
    * Pickup Service
    * Pay with a Credit Card

    Note: Free shuttle buses run between the Miyako Airport and the hotel. The shuttle buses run according to schedule even when flights are not on time.

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